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Maximise your Google Ads performance with our specialised audit and ongoing consulting tailored for SaaS companies.



Do you want to get more value for the money? I will be happy to help your SaaS company reach your desired audience, and achieve more relevant clicks and leads.

You can benefit from my Google Ads expertise and experience whether you have been advertising for a while on Google, or if you are completely new to it all. I can help you get started, optimise your strategy and campaign setup, and provide ongoing counselling for you or your team to improve your effort and make sure you get more value for your time and money.

With our international knowledge and eyes on the market trends and competition, you can get qualified help you identify and seize new opportunities, ensuring that your advertising strategy is always one step ahead.

Act today & avoid throwing money away

Time and money spent on unproductive ads or irrelevant keywords are opportunities lost. Get your Google Ads account on the right track with Google Ads Management & Consultation Services, and let us guide you to a path of consistent growth and profitability.

Avoid throwing money away (it happens more often than you would think!) on keywords/ad groups/campaigns that do not benefit your business and spot new opportunities instead.

Why don’t you make your advertising money work smarter, instead of you working harder?

For more information on how my Google Ads services can help your business, click on the tabs below. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions you might have.

Discover what you’ve been missing and take the first step towards a more prosperous future with a marketing strategy based on the collected data and your target audience. We are here to help you reach your marketing goals!

Why is an Audit Important When It Comes to your Google AdWords Campaign?

An audit of your exisiting AdWords campaign is important for many reasons. Firstly, it offers a comprehensive view of your account’s health, revealing areas of wasteful spend and underutilised opportunities. Without this audit, you might unknowingly drain budgets on ineffective keywords or ads.

Secondly, a well-conducted audit dives deep into data analytics, helping you understand the true path of your ROI and conversions. This clarity ensures that every euro invested is working towards your real business goals rather than arbitrary clicks.

Additionally, the digital advertising landscape and consumer behaviours are constantly evolving. What worked months ago might not be effective today. An audit assesses the adaptability and relevancy of ad campaigns in this dynamic environment.

Finally, an audit serves as a benchmarking tool. By examining account structures, targeting settings, and ad creatives, I can help you compare your campaigns against the best possible practices, ensuring you are not just operational but optimised. In retrospect, regular audits are not just about problem identification, but they illuminate the best possible pathways for strategic enhancements, maximizing the potential of every AdWords campaign.

Ongoing Consulting for SaaS Companies

Are you a SaaS company utilising Google Ads but struggling to see optimal results? You are not alone. The complex and ever-changing landscape of online advertising requires expertise and precision. That’s where our Google Ads management & consultation services come in.

Real Results, Real Profits:

Our Google Ads Management is not about vague promises. We aim for real, tangible results that you can measure, driving more leads, more conversions, and more revenue.

Time and money spent on unproductive ads are opportunities lost. Let our Google Ads management & consultation services guide you to a path of consistent growth and profitability.

Avoid throwing money away on keywords/ad groups/campaigns that do not benefit your business and spot new opportunities. Let us help you make your advertising money work harder and smarter for you.

Contact Me Now to Book Your Google Ads Audit & Ongoing Consulting. Discover what you’ve been missing and take the first step towards a more prosperous future.

A Solid Strategy is the Backbone of a Successful Google Ads Campaign

Without a well-thought-out plan, campaigns risk becoming directionless, wasting both time and financial resources. Every ad, keyword, and bid should serve a specific purpose, aligned with clear business objectives. This is where research becomes indispensable. Understanding your audience’s behaviours, preferences, and purchasing habits ensures that your ads resonate with the right people at the right time, maximizing returns.

Moreover, comprehensive research provides insights into market trends, competitors’ moves, and potential areas of opportunity or growth. It’s not just about running ads; it’s about running “smart” ads, backed by data-driven decisions.

One-on-one sessions to scrutinize the campaign’s stats can be illuminating. By dissecting the data together, we can pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. More importantly, it allows us to recalibrate strategies, ensuring we are always moving towards desired outcomes.

Regular strategy reviews and refinements, rooted in thorough research, not only keep the campaign aligned but also make it agile, adaptive, and ahead of the curve. In the long run, this proactive approach not only conserves resources but also amplifies results.




Do you need help with other services?

I always give my all, and I’m eager to learn. However, I must admit that I cannot be the best at EVERYTHING, but luckily that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it all. I work with skilful and trustworthy providers based on the Costa del Sol, so if you need help with website development, technical and on-page SEO, localised translations, professional videos and photography or social media management, we are ready to help you improve and grow your business!


Website development

A website is the first step to creating a powerful online presence with digital marketing. Therefore, I work with reputational, reliable, creative and skilful collaborators who can design and develop a professional and visually appealing website for your company.

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Videographer & photographer

Professional videography and photography are obvious ways of taking your digital marketing content to a higher level. Reach out for help to advertise new products, special events, and corporate projects or to overall improve your website, social media, blogs and newsletters with captivating videos and stunning photographs.

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SEO Management

In the competitive digital landscape, merely having a website isn’t enough. Visibility is key. Attracting the right audience, driving organic traffic, and ranking high on search engine results pages is what sets successful businesses apart. 

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Are you expanding to new markets or want to reach a new target group? I offer translation from English to Danish and work with efficient and professional freelancers who can translate your website or other marketing material into your desired language.

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